Earning Money
Yes, you can earn money by publishing your work on Diverxity!! The majority of the money we collect from subscribers gets paid back out to our publishing artists and talent. We even kick in extra money every month as incentives to make it even more interesting! To understand the details of how it works, read about it here: Diverxity Payout Model
What do the content class numbers mean? They let you know how much nudity will be found in the content.

No Nudity
Limited/Partial Nudity
Full Nudity, but no explicit poses
Explicit Nudity
Contains close ups of genitalia
What are the content category icons?

Photo sets: Can range from clothed (but sexy) to Maxim style implied to Playboy style nudes to explicit nudes to solo action shots all the way to hardcore stills. A set is typically between 5 and 100 pictures of the same talent in basically the same scene. Not intended to be a random collection of images.
Video: Can be almost anything! While of course erotica is welcome and encouraged, we want todevelop a rich library of non-erotic content too!
Stories: Who doesn’t love a good erotic story? Let’s hear yours!
Art: Paintings, illustrations, computer graphics, sculpture, whatever your medium of expression – show it off!
People: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the most interesting thing is people! Fans want to know about the lives of the sexy talent they adore and what’s in the mind of artists or even learning about people with interesting lives and adventures.
Education: One of the most important things we can do as a community is help each other grow as people and professionals. We’re looking to feature materials both about life, love and lust – sex, dating, health, romance - and work stuff like photography, business, modeling, producing videos, etc.
Places: The world is loaded with interesting, sexy places. Share your favorites! Romantic travel getaways, lingerie shops, date spots, your favorite purveyor of sex toys. Even share awesome locations for shoots!
Blog: What’s on your mind? Share your thoughts on anything you think the community might be interested in.
User Avatar Policy
Diverxity encourages participation by members of every interest and orientation. As such we want everyone to feel welcome. Additionally when working with credit card processing agencies and other 3rd parties, they have certain rules that must be followed in order to allow us to use their services to collect subscribers’ funds. For these reasons we ask that you follow the following rules when selecting your avatar image (profile picture):

1) Image must not show genitalia or nipples.
2) You must have the right to use the image – either it’s your creation, or you have been granted permission by copyright holder
3) Cannot include any brands or trademarks, unless you own them
4) Cannot depict anything that is illegal or that shows an illegal act
5) Image cannot contain or depict any of the following:
    a) Guns
    b) Money
    c) Drugs
    d) Body fluids
    e) Violent, threatening, or hate related acts
    f) Portrayal or implication that user is under the age of 18
    g) Profanity – either written or symbolic (e.g. giving the finger, hand gestures)
    h) Religious or sacrilegious imagery
    i) Real or implied use of alcohol
    j) Portrayal of sexual acts; like masturbation, use of sex toys, etc.
Much of this is required of us by our credit card & payment processors. We think much of it is restrictive too, but we need to stay compliant! Since avatars are immediately visible to the public, we reserve the right to remove them without notifying you at any time. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at . Since avatars are immediately visible to the public, we reserve the right to remove them at any time, without prior notification.
I'm interested in publishing content - what's involved?
It's pretty easy actually! We have a guide that spells it all out in detail, including technical and legal requirements, what's allowed and what's not etc. Download our Content Publishing Guide by clicking here . If you did not sign up as an artist or talent, we can adjust that for you - just contact us at
Links and Mentions in comments, posts, and updates
We make it easy to link to things when you communicate on Diverxity!
  • If you want to refer to content in a post or comment, just copy the link of the content page and paste it in. Once submitted, it will automatically be converted to a link with the name of the content. You don’t have to type that in anymore. It’ll even show an icon of what type of content it is!
  • You can refer to other members using the @ - for example @chiva. You’ll even get a little helper box that pops up to help you find the right person and make sure it’s spelled right. Note – it must be the member’s username, and not display name. Their name will then link directly to their profile. This also notifies that user of being mentioned in the post or comment.
  • Image posting! You can now paste in a link to an image from the web in a post or comment and the link will be converted to show the image. Most times, you’ll right-click on an image you want and select “Copy image URL” to get the link. You can’t yet upload a picture for the timeline, but you can use links to free storage services like When using Dropbox, be sure to put images you want to share in the 'public' folder, then right click and select 'Copy public link'.
More help please!!!
We know you’ll have lots of questions. We want to answer all of them. Feel free to hit up Chiva, our Co-founder and Chief Community Officer at . Or you can use our blog as the forum to ask – . If you have problems or find bugs in the system, please submit those to our help desk.