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Temptation got the best of both of us and we thought that just fine

And that is probably why you haven't seen either of us here online

Not that I don't appreciate ya'll but when it comes to us having sex

Get it when we can get it, who knows when we may get some next

Love the feel of my shorty wet and naked after sharing a hot shower

Expecting to keep her both wet and naked, at least for the next hour

Don't have to get up early for work, so I'll take my time and excite her

Up in it deep, without any sleep after quickie turned into an all-nighter

Puerto Rican or not, I find her hot, and in the bedroom she's steaming

The passion is hot until I bang up that spot and I'm drained of seaman

Until that time comes we make love till I'm numb and or muscles ache

Each stone now unturned, every calorie burned, its time for velvet cake

So we eat cake in bed after good head, the feeling was out of this world

Damned if I wouldn't be jealous ass hell if she were someone else's girl

And after dessert we made love till it hurt and a new dawn was in sight

You now know why I'm posting Tuesday's post on a Wednesday night

__________________ J. L. Allen aka Poetrymaster@aol.com