Live for Today
Live for Today
You know how every once in a while someone comes into your life and changes you? Mary was just one of those people.

I got a txt from Maliaka telling me that she had a friend in town and would like to try modeling and asked if I had any time to shoot.

I replied sure, I can come over tonight and we can do a little trial shoot and set something up for latter in the week as well.

I think Mary knew how sick she was but never told us. You see, I went to Malaika's shot two sets... this was the second which ended abruptly when Mary announced that she was very tiered and could we continue another day. Sure said I.

Mary ended up in Hospital the next day as her liver disease got the better of her and she has never left. So you see, the 4th of Dec 2012 was Mary's very last chance to model. She rests in Hospital for a year and a half waiting for a transplant. I'm so glad that I was able to give her that experience. Her 1st set will go live here as well :)

Live for Today, it might be the last!