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Happy Hump Day! Have you seen my latest sets? :P As a model: http://www.diverxity.com/content/18575 and http://www.diverxity.com/content/17803. Looks like I've been more prolific as a photographer lately: http://www.diverxity.com/content/18075, http://www.diverxity.com/content/17453, http://www.diverxity.com/content/18096, http://www.diverxity.com/content/18021, http://www.diverxity.com/content/18020, and http://www.diverxity.com/content/17452. Also if you're curious I released a video about the group shoot I attended in May: http://www.diverxity.com/content/18356. Ok now that you're thoroughly bombarded with new stuff, I'm gonna go edit more for you :P Love, Katrina