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I hope everyone had a thrilling Thursday! My was a whirlwind of domestic duties! My daughter was kind enough to take this pic of me attempting to reach the top shelf in the cooler at the grocery store today, All I gotta say is thank goodness I have loooong legs or I would be in trouble! Titts Friday tomorrow I am hoping all of you have some sextastic times ahead of you this weekend! Since it is Throw Back Thursday figured I would throw this eye candy your way! AND I would be just wrong if I didn't share some up cumming treats cooking in my content oven shot in Las Vegas with @BoldDaniel OK this is already a really LONG update BUTT if you have a bit of perv in you like I do you may want to go HERE and Like, Love, Perv on me Paweeety Peas! I had to restart my FB Fan Page so ANY and ALL loving LIKES & SHARES is really appreciated! AND as far as FOLLOWS ..I have got to THANK EACH and EVERY 1 of YOU for the views and FOLLOWS HERE! xoxoxo Trust me when I say I appreciate you following me BUTT I love to FOLLOW you right back! I look forward to giving you something to perv on I love your eyes on ME so Please continue to contribute, share and participate in our community HERE cause I assure you my eyes are on YOU! Kisses n Cupcakes xo