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My thoughts on Kay's photo set: Tenderness in Wilderness On a hike in a narrow rugged canyon we took a rest, the opposite rock was just a small distance away. When we sat, we saw there someone coming along in a dark pants and a white shirt. We waved to her, could see her smile, her voluptuous forms. She leaned towards us on the sloping rock face, she was so close and yet unreachable. A few words exchanged as: warm day, beautiful forms of non-vegetated rock, hard stones, enjoy beauty of nature..... She asked: do you like the pure nature? We immediately said yes ......... and yet we were a little surprised, but also tied up the same: Because we saw that she pushed the shirt up to see her naked tits were. Your question was superfluous, because our eyes said it all: Do you like it? We nodded vigorously .... do you want to see more? We messed shouting everything! We watched spellbound as she played with her big tits, the shirt was completely gone. Did as you lie on the rocks .... see how you open your pants, slowly strips past down ..... we see only pure natural........ I see, that my two companions had the same problem as I: For us, it was too tight in the pants. attempted to lay the hard thing else ....... and simultaneously saw your changing poses, in which you show us your hot naked body. Could, as you spread your legs, see the lips of your hot pussy ..... I opened my pants, it must to be, soon the other two ..... we were more horny with every second that we were watching you ....... After a while you said: Bye for now. You show with the hand: I'm back there tonight ..... I thought a shame ....... and let out a sound from the wild lust, because I saw you turn around, you lean close over a stone, behind which lay your stuff ...... This incredibly horny look at your naked butt, as you yourself the to lean forward, the look between your legs ....... Soon we are on the way to follow your invitation