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My Salaciousness this Saturday is in full swing! The other day a sweet like a crumpet Follower mentioned a pic I had he noticed while peeking into my port! :) It was a self shot candle light photo from a series that I took one day on a whim and have not been able to recreate alone nor with a photographer since then, I told him I would post the short series up in my port for all of YOU to gobble up! The last 6 pieces of eye candy are the series I was able to capture one hot candle lit evening in my apartment! If you don't know how I punish my tasty cakes that try to sneak away from me? You should consider yourself fairly warned of what happens to my toys that are naughty! Don't let me have to cum looking for you, or you will end up in the corner beside Milton the Moose! I hope all of you allow your salaciousness to ooze on out this Saturday, give me some too! Why not YOLO!