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Happy SansUndies Sunday Diverxity! I like to say "undies are just a speed bump on the road to love! " Let's not let a piece of cloth come between you and I loving each other properly! I have been a busy baker this morning! I popped a tasty sneek peek pic into my port of an upcumming video I have cooking for you crumb snatchers! Go take a look! I have been curating up close & personal subscriber content to share with YOU! So get your taste buds salivating for that eye candy that is on it's way! No fear, I have uploaded waiting in Q more FREE content to appease the sweet tooth of all the hungry eyes out there in my Candy Land! Milton the Moose has been getting Xtra punished today! I told him no one even wants to see him in action he is so naughty! If you wanna help save any hair that he may have left on his little moose bum? Help me get this set to 100 views! Miser has a "Hi I am Merlowe" intro video to share with you tomorrow morning so I do hope you all enjoy seeing and hearing me in action! :) I hope you all have a sensual SansUndies Sunday DX Kisses N Cupcakes