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Please comment on TMZ if you can. Partying with Justin Bieber on the night he gets arrested pays BIG MONEY -- his model GF could make a quick $25,000 if she's down with strippers and inspiring erections ... TMZ has learned.Chantel Jeffries, the smoke show who was riding with JB in the Lambo ... just got the juicy offer from NYC's famous Scores strip club. We've seen the offer letter, and honestly ... it's a pretty sweet deal.According to the letter, Chantel would host "a few" webcam events from home, and the pros would do the heavy lifting -- as in, Scores strippers get naked and dance ... while Chantel just plays middle-woman between the girls and the dudes online looking to get off.Kinda like a virtual madam.The offer doesn't say CJ has to get naked. It also doesn't say she does NOT. Based on what we've seen ... we're betting Scores wouldn't mind if she did. pls go to TMZ site and make comments, trying to make the article more viral with fun comments thanks Thanks Thomas