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I am still at work but wanted to update you candy crumb snatchers of what I posted this morning! Good Masturbating Monday Morning Diverxity! My "Hello" I am Merlowe Intro video shot while at Miser's studio is now LIVE for your double penetration pleasure! As in viewing & hearing! Why, what were you thinking? :) When I did get naked that day I assure you we shot some tasty stay tuned for him to submit those soon! I am going to pet Miltion today before I leave for work! All of the sweet comments you lovers of animals left on my set..has me showing mercy for is naughty bum! I have so much Cooking waiting for review I am going to need you to save your appetite for my goodies! YOLO since grab it by both hands and squeeze all the lovin out of it you can get! Kisses n Cupcake