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We are hosting a LOVE and EROS kink party on Saturday feb 15th.. a day after Valentines day, we are hosting an event that is about passion, intimacy and creative exchange. If you are a couple, single or just like good music and a fun environment, come and enjoy the evening. Lets get sophisticated.. champagne, chocolate, aromas, and relaxation area. This will be a KINK event, so guests are asked to come in appropriate attire - leather, vinyl, lace, corsets, etc… NO JEANS AND T SHIRTS.. There will be a play area, some demonstrations and a discussion at the beginning of the evening. This is an event for those new to the Kink scene and those that are experienced. No men without a female chaperone. Performers: Joi Sanchez - Poet Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky - Occultist $10 at the door