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Good evening Dxers, nothing new going up tonight, and I'm in the middle of piles of boxes and shite to move next week. In a little over a month here I've had 25 sets go up, covering everything from history to art and body paint...'Cassandra' is still my favorite, and was really the most fun to shoot with NYMPH, so please give it a look if you haven't already, and, if you have, give it another look! I really want to thank you all for the great reception here, it's certainly a lot friendlier than The Dark Side! This Saturday I'm going to push everything against the back wall to make room for one last shoot here in San Leandro with IDiivil. I hope to get three sets done, one VERY Japanese, one VERY naked, and one VERY fun...and naked!...then it'll be three days of hectic packing before the Big Truck arrives and off we go northwards on Wednesday, praying to the Weather Gods all the way...OY!