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Well TITT is almost Fripple Friday! I hope all of you managed to get your proper thump on this Thursday?! I posted a new pic today here & here U really should cum see & Follow me..I am new to updating social networks but if you cum I will post! If you have not seen my take a's an oldie but a goodie..I like to share the progression I have made in my modeling and I LOVE to share these older sets so that you can see my diverxity! lol I do have another blast from my past going live tomorrow, I enjoy reading and blushing from your comments so please keep them cumming! I am already getting busy this coming month scheduled to shoot with Chicago Amateur Models & ramphoto as well as intimacyproductions Cumming up next month! @IntimacyProductions would love OUR Followers to submit via PM to us your theme/concept/clothing ideas you would like to see us shoot for you! We will pick the top 2-3 ideas and publish them just 4 U! I LOVE making art that YOU want to see, so if you are not his follower yet ..OR any of the other photographers I mentioned you should get on their train cause we are for sure to have some smoking content coming down the track! Kisses n Cupcakes~