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Good Thumping Thursday my DX lovers! I hope this week has been full of creamy filling! I have had a few new sets go live that you may have missed pervn on? is a fun set shot in my back yard back in Milwaukee I have no shame and take pride in being a proper bike wench..Hey no body rides for Free! I am anxiously awaiting new content from @aljejandrocerdena to be uploaded and I am sure @CSDewitttphotography has some tasty treats for you to share..but until I shoot with @ramphoto next week I would like to create some custom content for you cupcakes! So cum on tell me some things you would like to see or hear! xo I do have a few sets that are a blast from my past left to share with you I do hope you are all enjoying my tasty cakes?! I really want to THANK ALL OF YOU and am so proud to say I have over 400 followers and to think this was the video that started it all 4 months ago almost to the day! Kisses n Cupcakes 4 all of U xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox