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My lovely friend and model: Gothlet, has been promoting a raffle we put together. only 10 votes to get a chance at these LOVELY prizes! We want to thank our fans for being so awesome, as well as reach a new record on Gothlet's first set:

What do ya got to loose? so much goodness to offer and not many have entered the raffle, so you are bound to have a big chance at winning something special. Take a look at Gothlet's Raffle message: "I'm going to be raffling off:
- two strip tease videos where the winner gets to pick outfit or lack of ;)
-handwritten perfumed letter sealed with a kiss,
- one pair of lightly worn panties (not from a set)
- three signed prints of your choice from any set shot by darkismephoto , 4"x6", 5"x7", and a 8"x10" -VALUE: $200 The person who gets the most raffle tickets will receive the panties from the Sensuous Satin set.

Each "ticket" is 10 votes on Sensuous Satin. Raffle will be drawn on April 15th.
PS! If you do not win but you vote 50 times (5 tickets), you'll still get a strip tease video :) " xoxoxoxo