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I am up late sometimes and run across some interesting shit...I found this writing on another fetish website that I think can relate to all adult content websites and the members that use them. Read this and you will gain some knowledge about yourself and some humor to boot... Why you shouldn't worry about hiding your face on _________. If your boss or family member sees your Fetlife profile and recognizes you. 1. What the fuck were they doing on here looking in the first place? This isn't Facebook.. your profile isn't under your real name. If someone finds you here, they were looking for kink too. 2. You need to have a Fetlife profile to look at the profiles of others. So if someone finds out all your shit. You can find out all their shit. And paybacks a BITCH! 3. You can always remind them that most shit on the internet isn't true. And someone must have photoshopped your face onto those pics. 4. You should be more worried about running into your boss or family member at a play party. You can deny the pics. But its hard to deny it when you're standing there chained to a cross, ball gag in mouth and your ass all red. 5. You can just promise to hook them up with all your kinky friends if they just shut the fuck up and keep that shit to themselves. So no worries.... just enjoy yourself.