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My response was: I thought it was genius. I tried reading many of the comments and many of us Kinksters did not get it...I thought is was pure honesty, "Oh! Now you see me, what the fuck we gonna do now?" I have nothing to lose. Even if my daughters found out that their Dad is a freak, they are so secure in their skin they would laugh their asses off....shit and their 7 & 16! Also, they come from hearty female stock on both sides of the family so, they won't be far off from a fetish life when they become adults. There mother is a freak too. Shit my oldest lost her virginity already, so as far as I am concerned...this hypocrisy can kiss my ass! I love me! I have just discovered ME and now I am going to HIDE ME? WTF! I love sex, my Slave and everything we do together...to have found a woman who is like-minded in the Lifestyle in the short amount of time I have been on this site...is a FUCKING MIRACLE! FUCK eHARMONY! I was able to find my....SOUL-MATE! A Woman most motherfuckers would take advantage. We are connected, we are One. All because we found each other here. Now, common sense would tell you that, Yes, this is a Lifestyle you can't go around preaching about because of the ADULT Content. But, when I am with ADULTS...I do preach loving ourselves and others around us. If that means you like giving/taking an ass whipping every now and then, so be it. Fuck the Hypocrisy and move on with your lives...believe me, there are many people out there in Vanilla-ville wishing the can Play with us! Leto