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M aybe guys are afraid of big women because they lack the tools A nd it takes the right tool to do the job right has long been the rule S ome big girls are intimidating, but so are big fish when on your line S exy is how you see it, but if a woman ain't queen sized she aint fine I personally preffer my woman has a helping of meat on her bones V oluptuous hips and full plush lips that I might someday call my own E very curve of her exciting, each inch of her sweet and wrinkle free M aybe a small girl is exciting for you but only full figures work for me O nce you experience a full sized lover and survive, you'll be hooked N o longer will those tiny girls be worthy of so much as a second look D oesn't matter if they are scantly clad in short shorts or a string bikini A fter you've had a big girl small chicks just won't arrouse your weenie Y ou may think that I'm just putting on airs but I speak from knowledge S omethings you just can't pick up on searching Google or in College ______________________________________ J. L. Allen 05122014