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Happy Saturday! Hope you're all having a good weekend! I'm curled up in bed editing photos and preparing for my road trip later this month! So excited! Just wanted to promote a few sets of mine here that haven't gotten as many views so that you'll all be caught up and ready for my new material! On the photography side, go look at http://www.diverxity.com/content/8861, http://www.diverxity.com/content/10211, http://www.diverxity.com/content/10213, http://www.diverxity.com/content/10214, http://www.diverxity.com/content/11557, http://www.diverxity.com/content/11558, and http://www.diverxity.com/content/11559. And on the modeling side, take a look at http://www.diverxity.com/content/8940, http://www.diverxity.com/content/9337, http://www.diverxity.com/content/9523, and http://www.diverxity.com/content/11504. New photography and modeling sets are coming shortly! :) XOXO Katrina