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Alisha Angel Forced Milking (mp4) http://c4s.com/5197/5711695 As this video starts, lactating petite redhead Alisha Angel is already bound to a chair. Her wrists are handcuffed behind her and her ankles tied to the legs of the chair. Alisha is in a tight breast harness that binds, squeezes and lifts her milk-swollen 36F breasts out of her partly-unbuttoned pink blouse. The action begins and breast pump suction cups with bottles are attached to her tits and secured with wide strips of tape. The electric pump I used is a powerful heavy duty unit. After I attach the pump to the suction cups, I turn it on and set the pump to maximum speed with maximum vacuum strength. Hucow Alisha squeals in pain and surprise as the machine begins to aggressively pump the milk from her breasts. The bottles are eight ounces each but her breasts only hold about five ounces of milk. As my personal milk slave, Alisha has to fill both bottles before I will release her; she'll have to make more milk as she is drained and until she does she's stuck. Alisha sits quietly helpless, milk rapidly squirting from the big brown nipples on her big round tits, resigned to the prospect of this machine uncomfortably and insistently draining all the milk in her breasts and all the additional milk she can produce. After a moment of quiet, her blue denim skirt is flipped up to expose her bare shaved pussy with no panties. Her pussy lips are spread open, her hole probed with a finger. Her vagina isn't nearly swollen and wet enough, so her clit is rubbed to forcibly stimulate arousal. One end of a big blue thick double dildo is forced into her pussy, filling her as she complains and grimaces in pain. That is not enough pain or pleasure so vibrating nipple clamps are attached to her genitals: one to her pussy lips and one to her clit. The literature on nursing moms recommends listening to music while gently pumping out milk; *these*vibrations will produce a different mood....