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For those that know me know that I am reusing old material. I'd love to create content here that is new and for this site only. However, I have a few BIG issues holding me back. The first is I have a cyst in my right breast that I am due to have removed shortly (hopefully -and then hopefully getting a "repiar" [on another site to raise money for this]), and the second is my husband is being separated from the military.... unjustly (my opinion). Situation is after 10 years of service, 3 years deployed, 6 years overseas, and always doing his best to be the best they've decided those tattoos that they allowed him to join with are no longer acceptable. He had been previous grandfathered when the regulation on tattoos changed, but as of last week they changed their minds. His last day as a service member is in 72 days. We've tried to be as prepared as possible for any situation to go wrong, but this was a bit sudden. We still owe $8600 on the car we share, we have less than 20% to put down on a house, and I had to stop classes (I decided to stay at home after my daughter was born last Dec to finish school. I only had 6 months left). Basically I've been a stay at home studying mother for nothing and we are that much more behind... My husband does not know that I've started a fund to raise money. I'm hoping to surprise him and relieve him of some of the stress that we are both under. I'm selling half my closet online and through yard sales but I know that won't cut it. I'm asking for any donation. Even a dollar counts. Also, it's not listed on the fund page but I will be making stickers (my husband and I are both artists) and any one that donates $5 or more and leaves an address will at some point recieve said stickers. thanks for taking the time to read my rambling. xo