Andre Levine
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Short story: Human Tornado of Hate and the Red Archer (July 13, 2014) I am a tornado. The path of my winds in this Earth has moved grass, bodies, houses and objects in different directions. There is no protection for my destruction. I do not need a reason to destroy all in my path with no stop in sight. One arrow from a bow aimed at the core of my wind of destruction leaves me wounded. My blood has a trail that is like a map of happiness for the one person that shot me. Laughter is heard from at least three miles away. The village of people who were hurt by my path of destruction asks this person to finish me. There in itself is the balance of good and evil. My wings were white but anger turned them into black. This archer is nude and skin is red. 10 fingers and 10 toes as well as being a female. Laughs appear again and I have lost a lot of blood. My back is to the ground and her left palm is on my chest. I scream "KILL ME!" She shakes her head. I spit my blood towards her face but she catches into in her mouth and swallows. She grabs my hand, kisses me and says "I need you!"