Andre Levine
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Short Story: Hooks and Bloodshed of Love (July 16, 2014) Mounted on the wall by hooks and chains, I am bloodstained. Tears of a day that was yesterday is dead. Dried up on my body are memories of sorrow and pain. Tormented by my aggressor while worrying if I will have a successor. I am not going to let myself die. Not on a day where the sun rises above what I can not see. One drop of blood graces the floor like a painting on a blank canvas. A noise in the distance gets louder and louder. "Why would you let me die without any hope of any other day," I scream. The sweet, calm voice says "Where do you think you are? Do you think that you are my slave? Look around you! Look!" My head can barely move but I managed to look up and there is a light bouncing off a mirror into my eyes. Blinded do I feel as I try to see beyond that light. One blink later, I am nude on a bed handcuffed to a delicious female that says "Do not fall asleep now....we just saw the remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre!" I laugh, wipe the sweat away and the rest is history.