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I can't seem to post to a thread on the blackberry so I'll make a new post regarding promo content rules: I got new rules. I read new rules. I looked at video and said "yep that watermark IS rather large" and shrank from 100 point to 80 point in same font it occupies considerably less than 25% of the screen area. Too choppy at the end perhas? Fine: straightforward run the 1st minute and few seconds of the clip and end it. Therefore it is abridged rather than condensed. But the picture sets? Same process (picasa export) as used for the approved photo sets. No content rule violation (no force no age play etc.). In one case, one of the talent is deceased and one is @woogymodel . @chiva you want me to put all all photos for free? Sorry, no. You are welcome and invited to work with me for a video and/or photo shoot I will gladly post on Diverxity in its entirety. For content I paid to make, I'm only releasing samples of 5-10%. I am considering the samples on Diverxity akin to a TGP with 1/1000 the traffic. A TGP gallery is maybe 812 photos. It comes to this: your site, your rules -- but I don't have to play if it isn't good for me. A deal must create value for both sides. At this point, I am fed up. I started with this expeeriment to see how things go. Then the rules changed. Whatever I was doing before, which was getting some nice feedback in comments and in content ratings, is no longer acceptable. Fine. So that's 400 photo sets and 200+ videos I won't be sharing on Diverxity. I see no point in even digging out more of my fashion tests, I see no benefit for me. Since the commercial value of some of them is minuscule, if my other content 'worked' for Diverxity why then the fashion stuff is a nice change of pace to round out the collection. Under the circumstances, those who wish to see those fashion photos can go to my free portfolio site http://www.photohudson.com Best of luck @chiva . Email me when you're ready to play ball.