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Happy Hump Day DIverxiteers! Please forgive my 2nd absence from the site. The realities of the Vanilla lifestyle has taken much of my time and I have been stuck in a server room for long hours with NO FUCKING WiFi so receptions was torturous, even my cell was useless. Now a short story about this...when I initially started the job, there was a box by the door that was never opened, or even looked at...for some reason the morons I work with never followed up on a delivery for a wireless WiFi router for that room so we can have access to the internet and cell phones, well, of course everyone goes on vacation at one time or other and I still am inquiring about this box that's collecting dust...no one gives a shit. After six FUCKING weeks of look at this freakin' box, I open it...guess what's inside....THE FUCKING WiFi ROUTER! WTF! You know how I much valuable time I lost not being with you all! BY THE POWERS OF GREYSKULL! Its been hell! BY ODIN'S PUBIC HAIRS! Some of you may ask why not connect @ home? Well, when you stare at a fucking monitor for 12-14 hours a day and come home, your bed is much more inviting. I miss all my followers and will be more proactive in following you. I just completed my first photo shoot with @eatthecakenyc, should be ready in a couple of days. I am back and will have commentary and reports on events I have attend past, present and future. Stay connected, more to come. Be Happy and at Peace. The World Loves you.