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"Handcuffed and Disciplined - Lucy Lucy" In http://c4s.com/5197/11492907, Lucy Lucy thought we were just going to the hotel room to fuck. In the elevator, I surprised her by handcuffing her wrists behind her back. We got to our floor, I marched my prisoner to my hotel room where I had her kneel on a bench, still handcuffed. I pulled down her pants and started to beat her ass, punishing her for numerous and varied offenses. She cried out from the blows but as a quick learner she soon begged for each blow. After a bit of this, I took her to the bedroom and sat her, bottomless, on the bed. I pulled up her blouse and resumed whipping her with my riding crop as I landed blow after blow on her breasts and pussy. I pause only to attach clover clamps to her nipples. That hurts. It hurts even more when I remove them.