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T ake me to that place where only lovers seem to dwell H old me in your heart until you feel the passion swell I nvite me in to now fulfill any dream your heart desires R each with me the utter peaks of the passion you inspire S ore with me now above the clouds of shameless ecstasy T ouch me in a way that says your love was meant for me I ncite in me a fire that glows brighter through the years N ever a reason to cry unless you’re shedding joyful tears G one are the nights of loneliness and now a time of bliss T hirsting to ease your every fear with each and every kiss H ours spent merely relaxing after many hours of climaxing U rgent is the need to take me deeper into your heated core R aise your passions to a level you have never known before S atisfied from head to toe you lie back in a dream filled bliss D reams fulfilled from many years of desiring love like this A shuddering orgasm brings us both to that majestic peak Y ou content and me now spent and both too tired to speak _____________________________ PoetryMasterl 121907-2