Andre Levine
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Short Story: Two Sides (July 17, 2014) The light never cast a shadow at the end of the day. It is shining before me as I am pulled in the other direction. No matter the words or the tender moments that happened before this moment; I am trapped. People told me before with their spiked tongues that I would not return to the light as the darkness would consume me. Time never stands still but this is a time that it does. Two figures appear on my each of my shoulders, female angel and a she-devil. The female angel is a delight and full of insight while the she-devil speaks of all things sin as she traps me with lust in her every word. My body is pulled more and more into the darkness as the female angel cries. "You will not have him," she says. Red, muscular and spiked is the tongue that appears out of the she-devil as she attempts to kill the female angel. Sky has turned black and my future looks to be bleak. I have also become blind. Little shadows and dim light reflections are all I can see. Weak is what I have become and this is a war I will never win. "Stop," I yell to both of them. Light runs across the sky and they both disappear. My eyes begin to see and I can finally stand. There is a mirror in the bathroom and I try to wash off this experience as if it was a nightmare but I see something in the mirror that I never seen before. My appearance is now half angel and half devil which has become my balance of sanity.