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Tienne shackled and into subspace http://c4s.com/5197/7444073 and for members of http://www.bondagephoto.info This one of my artistic bondage sets. Tienne, a tall slim pretty brunette with long hair and braces on her teeth, is shackled face down to the bondage bench, completely nude. Tienne's pink nipples atop her pert natural breasts stand up like pencil erasers. Tienne is accustomed to bondage as a form of foreplay, or you could call it intercourse as bondage after-care. As the session progresses, Tienne starts out face down giving us an excellent view of her firm ass. A spreader bar is attached to her leg shackles to give us better access; when Tienne plays around flipping her legs up the spreader bar is attached to the bondage bench. Tienne is helpless. Then she is turned over and bound on her back so we can watch as her pussy gets swollen in arousal from the combination of bound helplessly, teased with a vibrator and exhibitionism to the world on camera. At the end, Tienne i s happy and ready. An 87 photo slide show in HD 1080p