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Found her in bed napping this afternoon when I came home on my lunch break. Realized that I would have to undress her but what difference would that make? Elastic in her pants was stretched so thin I could see the tag on her butt clearly. And I realized that while I'd been away at work we'd missed each other dearly. Kept staring at the roundness of her ass like I'd had the rest of the day to stare. Yet I'd only come home on a short lunch break though at this point I didn't care. First I'd have to make it quick and just take what she always tells me is mine. Roll her G-String either to the left or the right and climb all up in it from behind. I know she'll pretend to still be asleep until I caress that special spot just right. Damned if she wont be waiting in that same position when I get home tonight. And I know she has been up because the place is all clean and dinner's done. You see she saw me as I had driven up and thought a Round - 2 might be fun.