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F irst of all she was to young for me to conceive or consider R ealize though that of the four she was the pick of the litter E ven what she was charging I must say is a bargain in deed A ll she wants is to orgasm first and a bag of delicious weed K issed me on the neck and blue in my ear as I rolled a joint Y ou see she knew what she wanted & got right to the point F ired it up and handed it to her after I'd taken a toke myself R eleased it after her second toke and took in a deep breath I must admit it was the good shit & it went straight to her head D idn't take her long before she would lead me onto the bed A nd that's when she proceeds pleasing me with master head Y eah I did say that she was young but she was on a mission S o I'll just blame it on my old age and extremely poor vision _____________________________ Poetry Master 07182014