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What a fucked up Wednesday morning! The commute was really depressing, not crowded, or late getting to work, its just everyone looks so miserable. NYC is the #1 unhappiest place the USA! Its primarily because of the cost of living, but I think its because the ratio of assholes, them, to good kind people, people like me, is a lot higher than necessary. I mean really guy? You are going to charge me for another cup of coffee because I took an extra flimsy cup so I wouldn't scald my hands? Get some coffee sleeves brah! So, I leave the coffee there and wait until I get home too make my own...Asshole ratio is high in NYC...that's because all the assholes from around the world come here and make the asshole ratio factor higher...This is how I know we are cut from the same cloth...the number of assholes we have to deal with each day is becoming insurmountable...it brings a new meaning to 'hump-day'...WTF! THANK GOD THE WEATHER IS GORGEOUS!