Andre Levine
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Love explained: In the desert, there is barely water and a man is lost. Beaten down and cast aside by former friend for power as well as greed. About 2-5 years ago, he was in this same desert but with a female that he loved very dearly. She was his today and tomorrow but her body was failing her. She, like he, was always betrayed by loved ones for their own pointless reasons. They stayed in the desert for 2 months while living off the wildlife and plants. They slept in each others arms night after night. One day, he woke just before dawn but she did not. His cries could be heard miles down the road. He buried her in the desert with his hands as the shovel. A drifter and loner he became. His fortune came with his stories and his work on the land over time. He has been betrayed over and over. Yet, he never married and travel to the desert where he buried her years before every time his heart feels weak. He called her his "rose out of the storm." The rose term is significant because he planted a rose brush where he buried her body and the brush never died as it blooms twice a year.