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"The Ass Trap"
can only be bought at http://fetishmegasite.com/video/the-ass-trap-part-1-caught . Summary: a female domination lesbian BDSM video. Val sneaked into the warehouse to steal the plans and what she thinks is the prototype for a new product. Ruby June, dressed in business attire with a black pencil skirt with black pantyhose and black high heels with a violet blouse, is the sex pet of the inventor who keeps trying to fuck her in the ass. Ruby doesn't like anal sex so she dodges and distracts but she knows this won't last much longer. When Ruby finds Val, dressed so innocently in a plaid skirt and socks and shoes, trying to steal the plans and prototype, she checks out Val's ass. Ruby decides that if she captures and seduces Val, then as the new piece of tail Val will be the one getting fucked in the ass. Ruby captures Val and uses duct tape to bind her wrists and ankles. She proceeds to completely dominate Val, who tries to escape from this crazy woman. In a nice lesbian BDSM scene, Ruby bends Val over a table, pushes up her plaid skirt and pulls down her innocent-looking white panties. Ruby spanks Val's ass red while pausing to play with it, spit into her pussy and asshole and generally plays with her to stimulate her while sneering and verbally abusing her. Ruby pulls Val's cheeks wide open to gape her asshole, spits in it some more and finger-fucks it as she tells Val that Val's going to get fucked right in this tight hole of hers. Val moans and complains; Ruby responds with a sinister laugh She pulls Val's pussy wide open, exposing her completely and giving us a view straight into the tunnel. All this has made Val quite wet and she moans in pleasure when Ruby is nice...and howls and complains when spanked. As Ruby points out, the whore actually is very excited by the spanking since she's so swollen and wet. After tonguing Val's asshole and enjoying the taste of her pussy, Ruby leaves her captive to go change into play clothes. With her captor gone and her sex no longer continually stimulated, Val regains some presence of mind and tries to escape by hopping off. This doesn't work very well so she lies back on the table -- if this crazy bitch comes back and finds Val trying to escape, it probably wouldn't go well for her. Ruby returns. Now she is in ultra-high heels, a corset and her black bra with garter belt and panties -- and she's got a riding crop in hand. Ruby proceeds to smack Val thoroughly with the riding crop as Val wails in pain and complains -- and gets very excited. Ruby rolls her captive onto her back and proceeds to undress her. As Val moans in pleasure, Ruby sucks her nipples. Ruby spreads Val's legs wide then produces a butt plug from her cleavage. As Val moans in pleasure, Ruby fucks her with the toy. When Ruby's had her fun, she shoves the butt plug into Val's ass, pulls her panties up and marches her off to get fucked in the ass...in the next video.