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Seeking an actress for our video series. Potential candidates must feel comfortable to perform erotic acts in front of cameras, follow instructions, and have a good sense of humor. If hired, actresses are welcome to co-create contents with the creative director and producer. This project is based in NYC. Ideal traits: • Have fun and thrill seeking personalities • Enjoy sex and erotic experiences • Take initiatives to learn and contribute creative ideas • Must be 18, or older • For this project, we are seeking mostly Caucasian females, but we welcome candidates from all cultural background. In fact, we will prioritize your application for future projects. Benefits: • Good compensation. Workday activities could range from erotic performances to creative brainstorming • Flexible work schedules • Opportunities to travel (applicable only to the long-term contractors) To secure a potential interview, please submit the following materials • Two paragraphs to describe yourself, your sexual experiences, and how we can help to better your life • Photos: front, back, and portfolio (with and without clothes) • Online profile (if applicable) • Video (optional but recommended) About us: An entertainment start-up that aims to provide creative entertainment and sexual education. We believe in diversity, equality, integrity, and respect. If you are interested in learning more about us, please feel free to contact me.