Default avatar My dog needs surgery to remove some growths she has!! And I don't know how I'm going to afford it so I've put up a GoFundMe in case people would love to help me out with this. On the page I have a $5 donation incentive for everyone that donates! I'm going to make cute little post cards of my pup after her surgery and send them to everyone that donated!! On top of that, I have incentives for fans off here that donate!! -$10 donation - I'm going to do a self shot set!! This is the only way to get this set ever! I will be deleting the images after sending them out! -$20 donation - the above self shot set plus the best of images self shot by me! this will include 30 pictures!! -$30 donation - above plus one of three 30 picture best of sets: best of bum; best of boobs; and best of full nudes! These will be zivity and outside work images!! -$40 donation - $20 incentives plus two of three 30 picture best of sets. -$50 donation - $20 incentives plus all three 30 picture best of sets. Anything you're willing to give would mean the world to me!! As the growth is getting larger quick and I can't afford to fix it myself for quite some time :(