Andre Levine
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There is a garden that had three roses and one butterfly that appeared after each rose bloomed. Petals of the each rose would fall every time a human came passed them. One day, the butterfly passed the roses and all the petals were on the ground. So, the butterfly landed in the center of the middle rose and did not move. Everyday, people would pass by the roses and see that a bloom was emerging. Winter was coming and none of the roses would drop a petal. People wonder about why this was the case. Three days before Winter was to come, a little boy touched middle rose. A huge butterfly emerged and all the petals of rose fell to the ground. The boy's mother grabbed him by the arm and he screamed. She let go and noticed that something red was on his wrist. She looks closer to notice that there is now a tattoo of a rose with a butterfly in it. Beauty and wisdom was passed on from the roses to the boy. He became wiser with everyday that came afterwards.