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You knock on the door already damp from thinking about it all day. Your sundress flowing with the breeze, the warmth across your pussy. Is it the air or your heat you feel. She opens the door and invites you in, the cool contrast causing your nipples to harden, or were they already? She offers you a drink but you step over in front of me as I sit on the couch. You lean in and leave your scent on my check as your kiss lingers. I lean up and run my fingertips up the back of your calves across the back of your thighs. I can feel the goose bumps as they raise on your legs. I slide your dress up to discover you have not worn any panties. I lean in and take in your aroma, already starting to get heavier in anticipation. You feel my breath on your skin and run your fingers through my hair. Out of the corner of your eye you see her sitting on the couch watching us, her fingers slipping up and down her bare legs. I pull you closer and you take the hint and step up on the couch straddling me. I ease my hands up to your ass and direct you to my lips. My tongue slips out as I get my first taste of you. I flick it across your clit and you push further into me. Your lips part as I push my tongue further, deeper. Up and down you I lick, each time across your clit. After a few strokes I pull your hardening clit between my lips and suck on it my tongue teasing and playing with you. Your hands push harder as I suck harder, pulling your clit free and exposing the most sensitive parts to my probing tongue. As I continue to focus on your clit, my tongue slipping back and inside you occasionally, you feel her hair on the back of your legs. You look back to see her pull my hardening cock out and take it in her mouth. She helps me out of my shorts as I reach up to squeeze your breasts. I take each nipple and twirl it between my finger and thumb. You push your pussy up and down my face trying to force me to push you over that edge. I pull hard on your clit, pulling it between my teeth letting it just scrape as I let it slide out, then back in. I suck it hard and deep as I can and trap it there with my teeth just holding it while my tongue searches every millimeter of it, tasting and teasing as you try to press it deeper in my mouth. You are now so wet you are leaking onto my chin and the taste and smell just serve for me to extend my attack on your little hard button. I let you go only long enough to tell you that I want you to cum on my face. Back into your slick, wet pussy my face goes, teasing you more, probing, sucking until you can't stand to be touched. As I release your clit you start to slide down, her taking the hint and moving everything but her hand as she holds me in place, slowly stroking my cock. My hands slide up your body as you slip down mine until I slide your dress the rest of the way off your body. My lips reach out and trap one of your nipples, licking it and trapping it with my teeth just like I did your clit. I hold you there, your hands on my shoulders, mine on your hips as I take one then the other hard nipple. You are just far enough down that you feel her rubbing just the head of my cock against the lips of your pussy. Wet from her mouth, stroking you, her hand guiding it. Slowly I let you slide down more her pointing that hard dick at your waiting, wanting pussy. I look up into your eyes as you ease down millimeter at a time until at last I feel the full weight of you and you feel yourself resting firmly in my lap, your wetness leaking onto my thigh. My hands grip your thighs as I move your body back and forth on my cock, you slightly pulling up each time I push you back feeling the base of my cock run across the front of your pussy and your clit. You feel her hands on the back of your neck as she moves your hair and leans to whisper in your ear, "Fuck my husband's hard dick till you cum." She retreats to the side of us to sit and watch me sliding in and out of you. You see her watching where we are joined and rubbing her pussy as she can hear how wet you are as our body move apart and then together. My hands move up to grasp your tits and play with your nipples as you start to bounce in my lap. Your pussy slapping the base of my cock as you ride. Her fingers dance on her clit as she watches and listens to us til she slides over and kisses me. She reaches around and strokes her fingers across my tightening balls and then up your back to push your breast closer to my mouth. I take the hint and suck one nipple in and run the flat of my tongue across it, your hands holding the back of my head there then moving me to the other one, back and forth between them. Your pussy so hot and wet as I feel the cool air each time you pull off only to feel that heat envelope me again. She runs her nails up the inside of my thigh across my balls then back down the other. She leans in beside you and ask you, "Does it feel good to have that hard cock in you?" All you can do is moan in reply. I move my hands back to your hips and start raising you up and dropping you on my cock, hearing how wet we have become. I can smell the sex in the air and it just fuels my fire. Harder you bounce, me lifting and you pushing off my shoulders as you look down in my eyes to see the lust and the desire to drive you over the edge, to have you cum on my cock as told to do. You hear her moan as she has retreated to watch more, and see that our play has made her leak her wetness out between her lips only to rub it on her clit. "Yes," she says "fuck him." Then looks at me "Fuck her, make her cum." I grab your hips tight and pull you down hard, stopping at full impalement. You start to move your hips but I hold tight. You want to keep going but I won't let you. I look into your eyes and tell you "Not yet, I want to get deeper." I lift you up and take you around to the side of the couch my hands on your ass directing your movements. I slide my hand from your ass up to your neck and direct you over the back of the couch. I feel her up against me rubbing her nipples on my back as she reaches around to guide me back inside you. As her fingers slip away I drive in full and hard. You look back over your shoulder as I grip your hips and pull you back to meet my thrust. "I can go like this for hours, can you take it that long?" At least that is what I believe, until that is, I feel her fingernails down across my back, my ass, then cupping my balls, all pulled up tight. My cock buried in you, her tits against my back, hand on my balls, you looking at me asking for more...