Andre Levine
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Since I feel that I never post any erotica on is something I just thought of to write. I write the way my mind works at the time I write: (short erotica) On the floor, laying on my back with sweat and things I will never forget. She says "Are you ready?" Thinking of times I said yes and I did not regret. "Yes," I say with a half smile on my face. "This is the skin ready for you to taste," she says with a laugh and a longing to feel a tongue on her skin. "NO," I say. "Not now....not here and not anywhere!" Her eyes look down on me in shock as a command came her way. I sit up on the wooden floor. She is use to giving out orders and tell people what to do. On this day, oral sex has been denied to her. She jumps her nude body on mine and says "Fine....fine...what do you have in mind?" Her arms are behind her back and her head is in my chest. "Do what you must and do what you will," she whispers. Her skin is tightening, her feet are curled and tongue touches my right nipple. My right hand lifts up her head. Her mouth is watering and her senses are on edge. I take her tongue in my mouth, grab her waist as close to mine as I can and ask her: "What is it that you want from me?" She breathes slowly and says: "I want two things. One thing will be earned and one you will give to me right now anywhere you like. Can you figure what two things I speak of?"