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First off I want to apologize for my extreme lack of activity here lately. I have a backlog of sets ready to upload as both a model and a photographer over the next few weeks though :) Now that that's out of the way: I will be moving to right outside NYC at the end of the month for a retouching position with a major online retailer! It's all really exciting and I really can't wait to get up there and get started, but coming up with the funds to relocate in less than 3 weeks is proving to be rather difficult. So, I put together a GoFundMe page and will be offering incentives for donations. I do not want to put the incentives on the page because I don't want my modeling work attached to it at all, but I'll list all incentives in a comment here. Link: Thank you in advance to anyone that donates. I feel a little ridiculous even doing this, but this move is so short notice and it's certainly not a cheap one. Contact me here or via email (listed on GoFundMe page) after donating so that I can send out incentives. :) -Nova/Megan