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A CASUAL ACQUAINTANCE A casual glance as he entered the place The soft gentle glow of the light on her face A moment that neither had come to realize as the first flames of passion ignite in your eyes Soft music & candles enhance the appeal of a moment so perfect it’s somewhat surreal In her eyes a sparkle you couldn't ignore holding your gaze as you walked through the door Both your hearts start to soar like an eagle in flight Knowing that they'd be your lover tonight The fragrances around her enticingly sweet from sculptured eyebrow to her pedicured feet The curve in her hips & the shape of her thighs was making much more than your eyebrow rise The bartender ask what you're having to drink but right at this moment you can't even think But then as if knowing she said in his ear “He’ll be having a beer & he’s sitting right here” She now runs a finger around her shot glass as she eyes your arm muscles & tight little ass said, “men like you just don't come round to much”. With a glamorous giggle & the slightest of touch Her glistening smile held your glance & your heart While your money & you drift further apart A Casual acquaintance is how it would start Till she emptied your wallet & shattered your heart J. L. Allen aka PoetryMaster@aol.com 082907-1