Andre Levine
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The Ring, 09/23/2014: What is a without a shovel doing trapped in mud? Searching for something that he lost that he may never get back. He cries and cries as he sinks deeper into the mud as if it is quicksand from hell. Screams ring out and no one is seen coming to save him. His limps become numb and he can no longer move. His neck becomes stiff and words can no longer come out. A person is running in his direction from a light that he can not see. This person digs all around him and grabs his hand. He screams loud and this person pulls him from his doom. His eyes are blinded by the light but this person stands in front of the light and asks "Why are you out here and what were you looking for?" He says "I lost a ring 6 years ago and I thought I saw it here." This person laughs and laughs. The light that was seen was from this person's car. This person is an 64 year old man named "Samuel." Samuel drives the male stranger to the nearest diner and asks him "Is your name Jonathan?" He says yes and starts to cry. A tap on Jonathan's shoulder is from a woman with the ring he was looking for. He looks up and she looks deep into his eyes. Their love has returned after 6 years of bitterness and distance. The ring has a rare gem that was passed down to him from generation's past. He kisses her and she says "yes." He stops and says "I did not ask one question yet!" She says "I know but I had a dream that you did years ago and it felt real to me!"