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For you, you know, that you are meant! A dream. I walk in a quiet park, and see when I come be around a corner, this beautiful woman on a piece of lawn, over her head a flowering hedge, behind her a colorful flower bed. She lies outstretched, her right side is slightly raised. The left leg is elongated on the lawn, the right leg is slightly bent, the foot on her left foot, forming a flat triangle, so that their thighs are only a very little open. The left arm is a little propped under the head so that the head is slightly increased. The right hand is on the back of her head, elbows pointing outwards, so that the upper arm, forearm and head form a triangle. Only a long colorful scarf covered the woman. It starts on the lawn at her feet, goes over her right ankle back and up, comes between her thighs forward and lie loose and wide out on her belly, goes over her right breast, the nipple is clearly marked under the thin fabric from, on to the shoulder, through the right arm is bent round to the rear.. Her left boob is naked, the stalks of grass caress her hot form, a wide leaf covered almost the sexy nipple. Between her slightly parted lips I see the tip of the tongue as it slides across her lips. Completely surprised and overwhelmed by my feelings at this dreamlike sight, I stop ....... and will not be just a little red! Also, because my body immediately shows how this hot the sight aroused me, immediately ....... I put on in a trance to apologize, as I see how your eyes of the bulge in my pants migrates. See, how your eyes begin to smile, then smiles also your mouth. Me dry up the words. And hear how if through cotton wool you say: That's not good for him if he is locked up! He should be able to move freely! In a trance I begin to undress me, the shirt over his head, opened the belt of my pants, sliding them down together with my panties, Her he bounces upward, when he is free ....... As I stand naked before you, I also notice now the photographer on the side. Red again, I stammer words of apology, seeking my things, wants to get away, do not disturb you ....... But one last look at this hot woman I can not stop myself ..... And see your beguiling laughter, the enchanting eyes, and see you finger, beckoning me, inviting me to come closer. Again me disappear the senses, I go closer to you ........ and moan than I feel like your hand wraps around my rod, the reaching out to you .. Let it happen, as the hand moves, think subconsciously, soon it will happen ....... I listen to the photographers say, I'll come back later. and then: The scarf I suppose but with. And I see how the end of the scarf slides over your shoulder, so she is naked, then thy breast, the nipple stretches naked upward, now I can see your belly without scarf, then my hot look between your thighs than the end of the scarf disappears. Then he's all gone, the scarf and the photographer. I see your seductive smile as you put two fingers on the lips between your legs, it spreads easily and whisper: Wants he reside a while in this house? I invite him, the door is open ....... When the photographer comes later, he says: Since I have to are looking for a new lawn! We look smiling down and see only yet a very few blades of grass that are upright. A dream only, but a dream that I would like to live!