Andre Levine
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The Knight, 9/29/2014: The knight had two swords: one black w/ an eagle on the handle and the other is red with an seductress on the handle. He slayed day after day for his country killed with both swords. His fair queen wanted him to settle down after 6 years of victorious years. He thought about the question and handed her the black sword and left her in her kingdom. 18 years past, the queen moved on as she found a king and they had four children. Each year past, she had letters from him that made her cry. A knock came to her castle and the king answered. There was a lot of chatter and then silence. The queen finally went to see what the king was up to. He turned around and handed her the red sword w/ a simple note. It said: 'love, quick and joyous can be rewarding and heartbreaking but it is continuous. This sword is a momento from me to you." The queen saw him ride away. One tear fell from her left eyes and her body dropped. She died the next day and the knight was never seen again.