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Well my first video is live and I have some eye candy in my port for everyone to peek at! Peas do! I am going to film a VLOG for all of you sexy people and I want to tailor it to YOUR questions..But since I am just as interested in what you are all interested in, I figured we could make this fun! How about Truth or Dare?! You can either ask me a question you want the truth to or you can dare me to do something ..while I am shooting the Vlog for you! So GO ahead and comment HERE and I will make a list and check it twice! I am open to any and all questions! I am an open book for all of you...I must state that yes I have a lap top so I can move with it but any dares that encourage public nudity may lead to my arrest so...just sayn..unless you plan on sending bail..lets keep it legal! Unless of course you triple double dog dare me..well then it is ON! xo