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It turns out that Kierra Wilde is a flake or possibly worse. On Dec. 19th, she agreed to the content and fee for a private sale only custom shoot at a very high fee (in the opinion of a couple of talent agents and myself) to which my client agreed. My client agreed to cover my travel expense and a profit. All was set, I got an advance. This morning, Kierra sent an e-mail requesting a $300 advance since we've never worked before and I don't have a huge reputation (18 years in business, hundreds of video clips and photo sets on my web sites and 7 video shoots with 6 girls in 2014 either don't count or she couldn't be bothered to look ). I declined, offered $100 the day before the shoot; this was accepted and I went about my day. This evening, Kierra e-mails that she's cancelling , she is no longer comfortable with the shoot -- which hasn't changed since she made her deal -- and no longer wants to shoot. I asked what is it that makes her uncomfortable, can I offer any reassurance and point out that beyond her fee another $900 in expenses of mine is at stake. She says she no longer will work with me. I want the world to know: if you book this girl, get a cancellation fee posted in escrow. It is very sad but she is 19 and I guess not too bright.