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The @reneekenkick video goes live Dec. 31 6 PM Eastern. Also coming up is a big tit striptease with Jules Jericho which will release on Dec. 31 7 AM. Another Jennifer Marie set comes out Jan. 6th at 7 AM. Five sets are still pending review. These 9 are the last content that I will contribute to Diverxity for quite some time if I don't see better results (better avg. rating, more votes, more minutes). So if you want to see more, vote and tell your friends about the content and dozens and dozens of you need to watch my stuff. If I don't see a girl getting upvoted and watched, I have no reason to put up more of her because even if one person kindly says he likes her, the rest of you obviously don't and I'm wasting my time. If OTOH I see lots of votes and kudos and minutes....