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Five sets rejected for watermarks which have my copyright statement that takes up a narrow band more than 1/4 the width. That's Chiva's call to make, I think it is wrong. so you all will have to buy the slide show on http://c4s.com/5197 if you want to see Tawny Ocean or Candy. Silly, I could make a 1/4 x 1/4 block and it would pass muster but 3/8 width narrow, no. Oh well, enjoy what's coming. Rate it favorably, watch it and tell your friends. Maybe I'll come back and put up more . I have clips stores to update and video to edit for paying customers. Such positive feedback as I receive is welcome (EIAA - Egoboo Is Always Appreciated) but alas it takes money to hire girls, money to pay for cameras and lights. I want to move to 4K in 2015, and not with a GoPro I want to go to cameras that have timecode input and XLR audio connections. That's about $5K.