Andre Levine
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This may be short on this may be long. Not sure. The year has came and left in mere seconds. Love was spread by me as much as I could with my actions more than my words. One thing that you may never understand about me is that I have this endless fire of passion and desire that never seems to end. I have loved my times and I have lost love many times. True love still escapes me. No tears as that will come in time. The actions that I commit are done with artwork, family activities and fitness. Managed to do a lot of artwork that will be accepted or not by the art community but that does not matter as I am more of an creativity rebel in society but not an anarchist. I believe in government and authority but I also keep "an eye out" on things that happen in life. Life is a virtue with ups and down that may lead to more frowns than crowns! Explore what you love, desire and aspire to get where you need to be each day of your lives. Enjoy yourself and take care.