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For my local followers: Having a kink party tonight! Come join the fun! Already have 20+ guest coming. Date & Time:in about 4 hours Friday, January 02, 2015 · 9:00 PM – 5:00 AM Location: Harkonnen's Kinky Flat Bronx, 10467 (Will Forward Address When You RSVP) @ map Cost: Whatever you put into it....otherwise free, BYOB & 420 FRIENDLY Dress code: Vanilla coming to the party, Kink once you are in the door, use your imagination... Description: THIS IS A PRIVATE EVENT...IF YOU ARE NOT ON MY FRIENDS LIST OR MET IN PERSON YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND THIS EVENT. HAPPY NEW YEAR. This light reception is turning out to become a private kink event with special friends on OUR friends lists. We are celebrating the New Year and the fact that we are born in this great Month of January. "Its a BYOB, 420 Friendly environment. Bring a guest, play-partner, lover or significant other for a night of camaraderie in kink.** "BRING YOUR TOYS!!** There will be plenty of space to relax and enjoy each others company before the kink parties begin this weekend. RSVP to Leto Harkonnen - 646.404.2136 Who: Leto's Kinking in the New Year! What: Its the New Year and its our BIRTHDAYS what else can I say. When: Friday, Jan. 2, 2015 - 9:00 - until the last lady leaves Where: Bronx, 10467 (Will Forward Address when you RSVP) Why: Because like I said before, "Its the New Year and its our BIRTHDAYS", what else can I say. This is a private event. If you are invited, then you know how to act because I found you to be a decent and humane person. You know we must all have consent to smell, touch, and taste each other. Taking pictures must be consensual, as anything else between two or more consenting ADULTS, like sex for example. Therefore, everyone knows the deal. The ladies are safe and the men are happy to keep them that way. ENJOY YOUR NIGHT OF PRIVATE KINK WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE.